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Virtual Business Consultant EU



Virtual Business Consultant EU, in short VBC EU, advises and supports managers, entrepreneurs and their organizations
on a modern, virtual way: "in & out the Cloud".

VBC EU uses WEB 2.0 audio – video media techniques for online, interactive interface and communication with customers. In contrast with traditional methods, where the contacts often are on the basis of rigid calendar appointments through physical presence on the ground, WEB 2.0 happens through the online contacts which are in principle possible during 24/7 in varying frequency, duration, content and participants.

During the consultative period or during these contacts can opinions interactively be adjusted in "real time" and communicated to all stakeholders. An important step is taken with VBC EU towards efficiency and flexible use of precious management time and dito assets.

Virtual advising for & about organizations, organizing, effectiveness, efficiency, people management, change management, for the continuous development of organizations.

The method is virtual. There are custom survey tools a/o survey opportunities complemented with an explanatory customized report.

Themes are: organization change, conservation & attracting Talent, corporate social responsibility, equality & diversity, leadership & Management, health & wellness, innovation leading to continuous development/improvement of the organization. Most recent development is the support as MOOC-tutor.

Additionally, the possibility exists for a 2nd opinion on reports from third parties.

The continuous development circle: plan, execute, assess (KAIZEN) is the starting point of the activities. The result counts and forms the basis of the pricing.

Interested? To get in touch use the email option or call +31(0)651176097.

Kind regards,

Willem E.AJ Scheepers MBA
Virtual Business Consultant and Investors in People Practitioner.

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